Florida White Collar Crime Lawyers

White Collar Crime Lawyer

White-collar crime refers to a wide range of offenses committed within the corporate setting. These offenses entail fraudulent activities and similar corporate crimes. They are serious indictments that can see you locked up for many years and even for life. They also attract heavy fines and restitution costs.

Many white-collar crimes are considered felonies. A felony conviction can adversely affect your future job and employment opportunities. Once you have a felony conviction on your record, most employers would be reluctant to hire you. It also affects your democratic rights to vote during elections and your rights to buy and own a firearm.

Therefore, you must work with competent Florida white-collar crime lawyers to get the best legal representation possible. Additionally, other serious social repercussions come with a white crime conviction. Not only does it damage your reputation, but it can compromise your relationship with friends and family. If you have custody of your child or children and are facing a divorce or are divorced, your co-parent may use the charges against you in a custody case or family court.

For this reason, we encourage you to talk to reputable Florida white-collar crime lawyers at Meltzer & Bell PA to help you fight the charges.  We will work tirelessly to seal any loopholes in your case to clear your name and obtain a dismissal or reduction in costs.

Understanding White Collar Crimes In Florida

There are different types of white-collar crimes. Some are called misdemeanors, while others can be charged as felonies.  Common examples of white-collar crimes include financial fraud, exploitation of older citizens, check fraud, technology-related crimes, forgery, insurance fraud, racketeering, bribery or public corruption, tax evasion, insider dealing, misuse of public office, etc. Read more about the Florida white collar crimes and a complete breakdown of the penalties associated with each offense on the Florida state website.

Several factors determine if a white-collar crime can be charged as a misdemeanor. Typically, white-collar crimes are charged as felonies as they fall within the same bracket of misuse of public or government office. Other factors like the number of the victims and the amount of money involved in the crime should also be considered.

Regardless of whether you’re facing a misdemeanor or a felony charge, your best chance of obtaining a positive outcome in one of your cases depends on which Florida white-collar trial lawyers you choose to work with. Misdemeanor white-collar crimes can also impact your life negatively. As such, you shouldn’t leave your future to be determined by a judge or jury. Retaining good Florida white-collar crime lawyers is the best decision you can make to secure your future.

Examples Of White Collar Crimes Handled By The Team At Meltzer & Bell P.A

Below are some white-collar crimes handled by our Florida white-collar crime lawyers at Meltzer & Bell P.A.

  • Banking Fraud: Involves illegal schemes that result in obtaining money from a financial institution illegally and, for example, using false information or reasons to get a bank loan.
  • Conspiracy to Commit Fraud: Conspiring with, aiding, or assisting others in committing fraud.
  • Credit Card Fraud: This crime involves stealing someone’s identity or credit card information to perform illegal transactions.
  • Embezzlement: Embezzlement is the crime of converting shared funds for personal use. Like if you’re in charge of specific company funds and using them for personal use.
  • Healthcare Fraud: Manipulating patient care or a healthcare facility’s billing system to obtain more funding illegally.
  • Mail Fraud: This is the crime of using the United States Postal Service to commit a crime. For example, sending fraudulent documents or messages via email is considered email fraud.
  • Medicare and Medicaid Fraud: This is another example of healthcare fraud that involves false billing of Medicare or Medicaid to obtain more funds through Medicare or Medicaid healthcare insurance programs.
  • Money Laundering: This crime involves converting money acquired through criminal dealings to make it look like money gained legally.
  • Real Estate Fraud: Fraudulent activities involving real estate and similar properties. For example, using forged documents during property sales is a real estate fraud and white-collar crime.
  • Mortgage Fraud : This is yet another example of real estate fraud in which a real estate company or agent presents false information to process a mortgage application.
  • Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act (RICO): This is the crime of committing fraudulent activities within a criminal or outlawed organization.

What Are The Penalties for White Collar Crimes?

White Collar Crime Lawyer

Since there are many different white-collar crimes, each crime attracts different penalties.  How strict a penalty is also depends on the crime you’re charged with and whether you’ll be required to pay restitution to all the victims you defrauded. It also depends on how much money was involved and the court fees. Some white-collar crimes attract as high as

$500,000 in fines besides restitution. Overall, you could be ordered to pay as high as 1m dollars or more in fines and restitution. It all depends on your crime.

Additionally, you could be sentenced to jail or prison time. You could also be placed on probation and lose your professional license, like being barred from practicing medicine or law. These are serious penalties that you want to avoid as much as possible. Your best chance is working with the best Florida white-collar lawyers to fight your case.

Legal Defenses Against White Collar Crimes

When you’re charged with a white-collar crime, having a skilled team of Florida white-collar lawyers can improve your chances of walking away with a lesser charge or penalties. A lawyer is best placed to expertly negotiate your charges with the prosecuting attorney, have them reduced to a misdemeanor charge or give you a chance to plead to a lesser charge.

Your white-collar lawyer may also work to ensure the charge is dropped. They can create a strong legal defense proving your innocence. After all, within the rules of justice, you’re innocent until proven guilty. It is the prosecutor who must prove your guilt beyond reasonable doubt for you to be convicted of the crimes brought against you. Otherwise, your Florida white-collar crime lawyers will work to ensure you remain innocent.

With a top-rated criminal defense law firm like Meltzer & Bell P.A., you could beat the prosecuting team, avoid a prison term and retain your professional license. It’s a matter of protecting your reputation, job, future, and family.

Hiring Florida White Collar Crime Lawyers

Given all that is at stake when charged with a white-collar crime in Florida, you want to work with a lawyer who’s experienced in handling such cases and not just any lawyer. You want to work with a legal expert who understands the process involved in such cases. For that reason, you want to work with Meltzer & Bell P.A. law firm when selecting the ideal Florida white-collar crime lawyers. With years of experience defending clients charged with white-collar crimes, we have what it takes to help you beat the prosecution. Since the prosecution could already be doing an internal investigation and working on your case, we also must start working on yours immediately. Contact us today.

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