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Understanding Florida Fake ID Laws: Consequences and Legalities

A stressed person faces fake ID charges, representing the crucial need to understand Florida's fake ID laws.

Facing the law with a fake ID in Florida? The state’s Florida fake ID laws are tough, imposing severe penalties for those caught with counterfeit identification. These can range from third-degree felony charges to fines up to $5,000, including potential incarceration. This article outlines Florida’s enforcement of fake ID laws, the penalties incurred, and how…
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Defensive Force Decoded: Navigating Your Rights Under the Stand Your Ground Law

A gun and a gavel rest side by side on a desk, symbolizing the complex interplay of self-defense and legal judgment under Florida's Stand Your Ground Law

“Stand Your Ground” in Florida: Know Your Rights, Protect Yourself The words “Stand Your Ground” can spark heated debate. But whether you agree with the law or not, if you live in Florida, it’s a reality you can’t ignore. Understanding how this law works could mean the difference between freedom and prison time – for…
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Recreational Marijuana in Florida: What’s Next? Meltzer & Bell, P.A. Weighs In

The potential legalization of recreational marijuana in Florida continues to spark debate, raising questions about the impact on our state’s criminal justice system. Recently, WPTV explored this issue in-depth, including insights from Meltzer & Bell criminal defense attorney, Ari Goldberg. With our experience defending Florida residents facing marijuana-related charges, we offer our perspective on this…
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Essential Strategies on How to Get Child Neglect Charges Dropped

A sad child sits alone on a playground swing, representing the gravity of responsibility and the crucial need for a skilled lawyer to get child neglect charges dropped.

Are you trying to learn how to get child neglect charges dropped? The key to a positive outcome lies in precise legal actions and experienced counsel. This guide offers actionable insights into building a defense that could lead to having charges dismissed, ensuring you understand the journey ahead without unnecessary complexity or jargon. Key Takeaways…
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Navigating the Rules of Transporting a Firearm in Florida: A Guide to Legal Carry in Your Car

A gun laid next to a gavel, symbolizing the intricate process of navigating the legal rules for transporting firearms in Florida.

Navigating Florida’s laws on transporting a firearm in your vehicle is essential for every gun owner. As of July 1, 2023, you can carry your firearm in your car without a permit if it’s properly secured and not readily accessible for immediate use. Our comprehensive guide cuts through the complexities, ensuring you understand how to…
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Charges Dropped Against Therapist in Palm Beach Central Case; Meltzer & Bell Secures Resounding Legal Victory

Renowned criminal defense firm celebrates case dismissal, restoring Carter’s reputation and highlighting their legal prowess. In a major win for justice, charges have been officially dropped against Priscilla Carter, the therapist wrongly accused in the controversial Palm Beach Central High School investigation. Meltzer & Bell, P.A., led by prominent defense attorney Ari Goldberg, spearheaded Carter’s…
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Mastering Your Defense: How to Beat DUI Charges with Proven Strategies

Car keys beside a glass of wine on a table, subtly representing the challenges and strategies involved in beating DUI charges.

If you’re looking to learn “how to beat DUI” charges, grasp the actionable tactics and legal insights this article presents. Here, we cut through the confusion and identify the key elements that could turn the tide in your favor – without the complexity or fluff. Embark on your “how to beat DUI” defense journey with…
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Understanding Child Pornography Punishment: Legal Consequences and Sentencing Guidelines

A detailed snapshot of a fingerprint, symbolizing the precise and individual accountability in the punishment for child pornography offenses.

Facing child pornography charges? Penalties are severe and mandatory—expect prison time, fines, and a damaged reputation through sex offender registration. Our guide delves into the harrowing realities of child pornography punishment under federal and state laws, unpacking the factors that affect sentencing severity. Key Takeaways Child pornography offenses incur harsh legal consequences under federal and…
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Understanding the Florida Sodomy Law: Current Perspectives and Implications

An image of a lawyer deeply engrossed in a legal document, representing the diligent effort to comprehend the current perspectives and implications of the Florida Sodomy Law.

Are Florida sodomy laws still enforceable, and what do they mean for residents today? Florida’s sodomy law, historically used to criminalize non-procreative sexual acts, remains recorded in the state’s legal code. However, following the U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Lawrence v. Texas, these laws are not enforceable. This article examines the enduring presence of Florida…
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Understanding Pornography Laws Florida: A Comprehensive Guide for Residents

A person intently studies a laptop screen, delving into the complexities of understanding pornography laws in Florida.

Florida’s pornography laws are intricate and can carry severe consequences if violated. Whether you’re facing charges related to possession, distribution, or production of sexually explicit materials, understanding these laws is crucial for protecting yourself and your future. What is Considered Illegal in Florida? Florida law encompasses not only child pornography but also other offenses that…
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Navigating the Nuances of Obscenity Laws Florida: A Legal Guide

An image featuring a laptop, a gavel, and handcuffs on a desk, representing the complex journey of navigating the nuances of obscenity laws in Florida.

Understanding obscenity laws Florida is crucial if you’re navigating the legalities of potentially explicit content. These laws balance free speech with societal standards, outlining what is considered obscene and illegal to distribute, possess, or create. This article cuts through the legal jargon to provide you with a straightforward guide on Florida’s obscenity statutes, enforcement practices,…
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Navigating Legal Challenges: Your Guide to Resisting Arrest Charges in Florida

A law enforcement officer arresting a person for resisting arrest

Imagine being accused of resisting arrest and facing legal ramifications that could impact your life. Understanding the complexities of resisting arrest charges in Florida and the importance of hiring a skilled criminal defense attorney, such as a resisting arrest lawyer, to represent you is critical in such situations. This blog post will guide you through…
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Understanding Malicious Prosecution Florida Claims

A person suing for malicious prosecution in Florida

Imagine being wrongfully accused of a crime or sued for baseless reasons. The consequences can be devastating, affecting your reputation, finances, and emotional well-being. In Florida, those who have been subjected to such wrongful legal actions have recourse through malicious prosecution claims. This blog post will provide a comprehensive guide to understanding malicious prosecution Florida…
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How Does Florida Treat Out-of-State DUI Convictions?

A man holding a Florida driver's license, showing that he is legally allowed to drive in the state

Imagine you’re enjoying a sunny vacation in Florida, and suddenly, you find yourself facing a DUI charge. The situation can quickly turn into a nightmare, especially if you’re from out of state or even another country. Navigating an out-of-state DUI case in Florida can be a complex and daunting task. Understanding the state’s unique approach…
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What is the Difference Between Robbery and Burglary – Explained

A man holding a gun, representing armed robbery

Imagine returning home after a long day to find your front door ajar and your belongings scattered. Or being confronted by an armed assailant demanding your wallet while walking down the street. Both scenarios are frightening and can leave lasting emotional scars. But did you know that these incidents are classified as two different crimes?…
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Exploring Indictment vs Arrest in Florida (2023)

A police officer arresting a person for a crime

When facing the criminal justice system, it’s crucial to understand the differences between an arrest and an indictment. These two legal processes serve distinct purposes and have varying implications for the accused. In this blog post, we’ll explore the nuances of “indictment vs arrest” in Florida, discuss their legal processes, and offer guidance on navigating…
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Do Breathalyzers Detect Weed? Exploring the Technology and Challenges of THC Detection

Do Breathalyzers Detect Weed? Learn more about Marijuana Breathalyzers

The legalization of marijuana has raised many questions, one of which is how to detect impaired drivers. Traditional breathalyzers can easily detect alcohol, but what about marijuana? Do breathalyzers detect weed? Is there a reliable and efficient way to determine if someone is under the influence of marijuana while driving? In this blog post, we…
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Everything You Need to Know About Getting Arrested at the Airport in 2023

A man being arrested by an airport police officer for an outstanding arrest warrant

Imagine the panic of being detained at the airport, unsure of what’s happening or what to do next. Airports are high-security environments, and getting arrested can be a nightmare scenario for anyone. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about getting arrested at the airport, from the common scenarios…
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Meltzer & Bell, P.A. Wins Groundbreaking Stand Your Ground Case in Florida

Stand Your Ground

The Florida Court of Appeal has issued a groundbreaking decision extending the interpretation of the state’s “stand your ground” law. The court’s ruling, involving defendant Richard Burns, held that loading and openly carrying a gun in one’s own yard does not constitute criminal use of deadly force. Burns, represented by Ari S. Goldberg and Lawrence…
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Understanding Your Rights During a Police Encounter: What Every Citizen Should Know

Police Encounter

Understandably, we all find police encounters nerve-wracking, even if the situation finds you minding your business and abiding by the law. Such complicated situations require understanding your civil rights and how to defend them. Fortunately, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive piece will dive into what every citizen should know about their rights during…
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Human Trafficking Charges – What Are Human Trafficking Penalties?

Human Trafficking Charges

Human trafficking is the illegal use of coercion, force, or fraud to obtain labor, commercial sex, and services from unwilling participants or underage victims. Prosecutors, law enforcement agencies, and lawmakers regard human trafficking as modern slavery. Persons are guilty of human trafficking charges if one has participated in harboring, recruiting, soliciting, or transporting human beings for…
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Fighting Insider Trading Charges

Insider Trading Charges

When you use confidential or nonpublic information to trade stocks, bonds, or other securities, it’s called insider trading, which is illegal in the United States. Potential penalties are heavy fines, imprisonment, or both. Since the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) punishes illegal insider trading harshly, you need to defend yourself when facing these charges. With…
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Perjury in Florida: What Constitutes Lying Under Oath

Perjury in Florida

Truthful court testimonies are the backbone of the American justice system. Without the truth, there can’t be justice. Even so, there are several cases of witnesses lying under oath. In Florida state, perjury, or simply lying under oath, is a serious offense that comes with severe punishments and hefty penalties. And while in most cases,…
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Everything You Need to Know about Assault of a Minor Charges in Florida

Assault of a Minor Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with assault, you should know you’re dealing with a severe crime. Unfortunately, most of the people in Florida may not be conversant with the law, which makes it challenging for them to understand the possible outcome of their cases. The situation might aggravate when you’re charged with the assault of a…
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Domestic Violence False Accusations (Florida)

Domestic Violence False Accusations Lawyer

Any report of domestic violence is taken very seriously in the State of Florida, but so is lying about domestic violence. Any reported crime of domestic violence is acted upon swiftly, and officers are allowed to make an arrest based on a single accusation because of the ‘preferred arrest policy.’ In most criminal cases, the…
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Aggravated Assault Sentencing Florida

Aggravated Assault Lawyer

Aggravated assault in Florida occurs when a person intentionally causes or attempts to cause serious physical injury to another. Learn about state laws and your legal options when accused of aggravated assault. When facing criminal charges in Florida, it’s difficult to understand the charges and the potential penalties you face. That’s particularly true when you face aggravated assault…
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BAC For a Driver Under 21: What Is The Legal Limit?

Under 21 DUI

Underage drunk driving is a critical concern in Florida. Anyone under the age of 21 is forbidden from drinking alcohol, although several young people drink anyway. People over the age of 21 are already severely punished for driving under the influence of alcohol, and the state is even less forgiving with underage drunk drivers. So…
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Understanding Castle Law and Stand Your Ground Defense in Florida

Castle Law Attorney

Florida’s stand-your-ground law has been a controversial issue since its adoption in 2005. The legislation provides guidelines for when and how an individual can defend themselves against an imminent physical threat. Most recently, the extensive coverage of the Trayvon Martin case has brought a resurgence of attention to Florida’s stand-your-ground law and how it can…
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Understanding Justifiable Homicide in Florida – What Does It Entail?

Justifiable Homicide Lawyer

Let’s face it; no one deserves to sustain life-threatening bodily injury or have their life ended by another person prematurely. But sometimes, that is the only option available when dealing with a dangerous situation. It may not be your intention to hurt or end another person’s life, but you may be justified if the circumstances…
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What Is the Punishment for Filing a False Police Report?

False Police Report

Citizens are required to file a police report when an incident involving a violation of the law occurs. However, the report should be factual and, at the same time, should be free of biased opinions or hearsay. This is because a police report is one of the court documents that are the foundation of a…
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Against a Police Officer: What Are the Penalties?

Assaulting a Police Officer

Assaulting a police officer is considered a violent felony, no matter the type. Usually, probation isn’t an option, putting you in prison from two years to life imprisonment. The court of law takes all kinds of assault seriously. But, those against police officers are considered horrific. The court won’t support you, making you risk many…
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Attempted Voluntary Manslaughter

Manslaughter Lawyer

Often, people fail to tell apart the crimes that are murder and manslaughter. While both of these crimes are felonies, murder is considered homicide with a malicious afterthought, while manslaughter involves the absence of malice afterthought. Therefore, manslaughter removes the moral blame equation that is usually associated with murder. Although manslaughter is still considered a…
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Florida White Collar Crime Lawyers

White Collar Crime Lawyer

White-collar crime refers to a wide range of offenses committed within the corporate setting. These offenses entail fraudulent activities and similar corporate crimes. They are serious indictments that can see you locked up for many years and even for life. They also attract heavy fines and restitution costs. Many white-collar crimes are considered felonies. A…
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Is a Second DUI a Felony? Everything You Need to Know

Second DUI Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested in Florida for a second DUI, you’re probably wondering whether it will be treated as a misdemeanor or felony. Well, to get you started, here’s what a second DUI is defined as under Florida Statute 316.193(1) and (2)(a): A second DUI occurs when a person; Has actual physical control or drives…
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What to Do In case of Multiple DUI Charges?

DUI Charges

Driving under the influence is a grievous offense in the United States. The offense attracts possible imprisonment, penalties, and license suspension. For example, in Florida State, a 4th or subsequent conviction is treated as a third-degree felony. It attracts a fine of up to $5000, 5 years jail term, and vehicle immobilization for 90 days….
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Get the Best Vehicular Manslaughter Lawyer in Palm Beach County, FL

Vehicular Manslaughter

According to the CDC, auto deaths are the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. If you or your loved one has been arrested for vehicular manslaughter in Palm Beach County, FL, it’s in your best interest to get a seasoned lawyer as soon as possible. This will give them enough time to analyze…
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Understanding Felony Sex Crime Charges in West Palm Beach, Florida

Sex Crime

Sex crime allegations are taken very seriously in West Palm Beach, and in addition to facing social stigma, you also risk harsh criminal penalties. Such offenses lead to hefty crimes, incarceration, and long-lasting impacts such as being registered on the sex offenders registry. Most sex crime cases go to trial because they are usually associated…
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Charges for Manufacturing a Controlled Substance Illegally in Florida

Manufacturing a Controlled Substance

If you’re facing charges for manufacturing a controlled substance in Florida, your fate depends on the ability of your defense attorneys to fight the charges. The magnitude of the offense also determines the outcome to a great extent. Generally, unauthorized manufacturing of controlled substances is a criminal offense in Florida, attracting harsh sentences and fines….
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A Rape Defense Lawyer’s Advice for Handling False Rape Allegations

rape charges

Rape charges are traumatic. If the charges are not defended effectively, the defendant can suffer jail terms and wind up in a sex registry. If false allegations are not dismissed quickly, they may have devastating effects on the accused’s family and career life. Think of Kobe Bryant. Talk of his death in the plane crash…
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Driving While License Suspended Charges in Florida

Driving While License Suspended

The state of Florida has some of the busiest roads and highways. The transport sector contributes a significant portion of state revenue. Millions of vehicles pass through Florida’s roadways daily. For most Florida residents, a car is necessary, and it’s impossible to move from point A to point B without one. Whether it’s running errands,…
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What is the Statute of Limitations on Rape in Florida?

statutory of limitations rape

Have you or your loved one been accused of rape or any other sexually motivated crime? If so, read on to learn about the ramifications, challenges, and defenses as it pertains to rape charges in Florida. Rape accusations can be one of the most challenging things to deal with and live with, especially if you…
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Accessory to Murder or Accomplice: What’s the Difference?

accessory to murder

You may have heard about the terms accomplice and accessory to murder and wondered if they mean the same thing. The two terms stand for different types of crimes. They are connected to helping a principal offender but in different ways. Let us explore them to help you understand who an accomplice is and who…
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How Much Jail Time for Drug Trafficking?

drug trafficking jail time

Due to the detrimental health and social effects of drugs and controlled substances, you may face harsh penalties if you are involved in such a case. Though there are various drug-related charges one may face, drug trafficking is the most serious one. Although it’s a serious offense, drug trafficking is arguably the most misunderstood crimes….
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How to Beat a Drug Trafficking Charge

how to beat a drug trafficking charge

When you’re accused of drug trafficking in West Palm Beach, Florida, you may feel the need to speak up for yourself and try to arrive at a resolution without thinking of hiring an attorney. While you’re rightfully worried about the situation’s outcome, you must take the necessary steps to ensure a better result in the…
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Is Shoplifting the Same as Petty Theft?

shoplifting petty theft

While shoplifting and petty theft might seem similar from the outlook, they are technically regarded as dissimilar charges under Florida criminal law. Despite being treated as minor crimes, these offenses usually carry significant penalties upon conviction. The Florida Legislature has put punitive measures on petty thieves and shoplifters, especially if it is a repeat action….
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Drug Possession Laws in Florida

drug possession lawyer

Some states have recently rolled back their drug possession charges and legalized certain drugs. For instance, Oregon became the first state to decriminalize drug possession for personal use in November of 2020, and cannabis is fully legal for medical and recreational use in many states including California, Colorado, Maine, Nevada, and Washington.   Florida, however,…
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Larceny in Florida

If someone is accused of or charged with committing larceny in Florida, they may be worried about the consequences. They might also be confused about what larceny is and how it differs from similar crimes.   By determining exactly what larceny in Florida entails and what could happen to someone who is found guilty of…
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How Long Is Your Car Impounded for a DUI in Florida?

When you drive under the influence in Florida, you could face many consequences including time in jail and hefty fines. It’s also possible that you’ll lose your car when law enforcement impounds it. Hiring a DUI lawyer with hundreds of wins in Florida will give you the best shot at coming out on top.  …
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If I Plan on Pleading Guilty, Do I Still Need a Criminal Lawyer?

Whether or not you committed a crime, you may want to plead guilty for a number of reasons. You think that if you plead guilty, it could help your case and you may be able to get your charges reduced. Perhaps you believe that other charges may be dropped if you just said that you…
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How Long Does a Felony Stay on Your Record in Florida?

You’ve just found out that you’re being charged with a felony, and you’re worried about what it means for your life going forward. You definitely don’t want to go to prison, have to pay fines, go on parole, or attend court-ordered classes.   If you lose your case and are formally charged with a felony,…
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How Long Does a DUI Stay on Your Record in Florida?

Getting hit with a DUI or driving under the influence charge can be incredibly devastating. If you have a DUI on your record, you could potentially go to jail, have to pay fines, get your license suspended, and get points on your license. If you’re a repeat offender, the consequences could be even worse.  …
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What Is a Minimum Sentence for a 3rd Degree Felony in Florida?

Being charged with a crime is incredibly stressful. You’re worried about the third degree felony charges you’re facing and don’t know what to do or who to turn to at this point.   So many questions are racing through your head. What happens when you’re charged with a third degree felony in Florida? Are you…
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Is a DUI a Felony in Florida?

West Palm Beach DUI Lawyer

If you’ve been arrested for driving under the influence in the Sunshine State, one of your first questions may be, “Is a DUI a felony in Florida?” The short answer is “sometimes.” To fully answer that question, it’s important to understand the larger picture of Florida DUI law.   Defining Driving Under the Influence of…
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How to Pick a DUI Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with driving under the influence in Florida, you know that you need the assistance of a DUI lawyer, but you may not know how to go about selecting one. When considering how to pick a DUI lawyer, you may not feel comfortable asking friends, coworkers, and acquaintances for referrals. That’s understandable….
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How Can a Lawyer Help with DUI?

If you’ve been arrested in Florida for driving under the influence, you may ask yourself, “How can a lawyer help with DUI?” You may even be tempted to plead guilty, accept the consequences, and move on with your life. That would be a huge mistake. Take a moment and recognize that a DUI conviction has…
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Is Domestic Violence a Felony in Florida?

If you’re facing domestic violence charges, you may be asking yourself, “Is domestic violence a felony in Florida?” The short answer is that there are times when domestic violence is a felony in Florida and other times when it is not. Before taking a deep dive into Florida felony domestic violence charges, it’s important to…
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New Mask Rule Passed in Palm Beach County & What That Means

New Mask Rule Passed in Palm Beach County

On January 22nd, Palm Beach County commissioners voted 7-0 requiring masks to be worn in public indoor spaces or outdoor spaces where social distancing isn’t possible. The commissioners passed the ordinance despite the unrelenting crowd of constituents without masks. The vote was met with outrage as people hurled insults, threats and claimed the board had…
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Supreme Court Rules that All Serious Crimes Require a Unanimous Jury Verdict

Supreme Court Rules

The U.S. Constitution’s Sixth Amendment promises every American citizen the right to an impartial trial. When it comes to serious crimes, many would assume that a unanimous jury decision would make a trial impartial. Although this is true for 48 states, in the U.S. there are two states, Louisiana and Oregon, who permit non-unanimous verdicts…
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New Hemp Law Limits ‘Sniff and Search’ Arrests

Hemp Law Limits

  The prohibition against cannabis is quickly eroding in the United States to the point that law enforcement agencies are now having problems arresting people for marijuana crimes. While marijuana remains illegal at the federal level, hemp has been recently legalized across the country which makes Palm Beach’s police’s strategy of making ‘sniff and search’…
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Judge’s Ruling Could Affect Patient Brokering Cases

laura johnson

Patient brokering at drug treatment centers has become an ongoing issue in the state of Florida. Investigations led by several news outlets have uncovered the real crooked nature of these centers such as the practices at Whole Life Recovery. This has led to numerous legislative attempts to deter large patient-brokering operations, which is a type…
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Florida May Pass Stricter Distracted Driving Laws

Pass Stricter Distracted Driving Laws

Cellphones and other electronic devices have become a staple in our daily lives. The majority of the time these instruments help us navigate the world around us. However, many people use their electronic devices recklessly while they’re driving. This has become a dangerous growing trend for the state of Florida. The Florida Highway Safety and…
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Florida May Lift Ban on Smokable Medical Marijuana

Lift Ban on Smokable Medical Marijuana

In 2016, Amendment 2 or the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative was approved into law by voters. The legislation allows Floridians to use medicinal cannabis for certain conditions such as glaucoma, epilepsy and human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Although Amendment 2 legalized medical marijuana, it still doesn’t allow patients to smoke it. Currently, Florida law only…
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What We Know About the Robert Kraft Prostitution Scandal

Robert Kraft Prostitution Scandal

Robert Kraft along with 300 other people have arrest warrants issued for them for soliciting prostitution in Florida’s Treasure Coast. Florida police in multiple counties conducted coordinated sting operations to arrest men who visited massage parlors for illicit sexual services. Kraft was arrested in Jupiter, in Palm Beach County, an area known for its affluent…
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Lawrence Meltzer and Steven Bell Commit to the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

Lawrence Meltzer and Steven Bell

It is an honor to announce that Lawrence Meltzer and Steven Bell have committed to being Life Members of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). Founded in 1958 the NACDL prides itself on protecting the rights of Americans. The NACDL believes in a fair and just judicial system that caters to every economic…
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Meltzer & Bell P.A. Wins the 2017 Law Firm 500 Award

Law Firm 500 is organization that celebrates the fastest growing law firms in the United States. The year 2017 marks the second annual Law Firm 500 Conference and Gala, where Law Firm 500 celebrated the fastest growing law firms in the country. The law firms were evaluated and ranked in order based on gross revenues…
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Drug Monitoring Program Expands throughout U.S. to Thwart Doctor Shopping

Prescription fraud, commonly known as doctor shopping, is a huge problem throughout the United States, including Florida. In 2009 the Federal Centers for Disease Control labeled Florida as the epicenter of prescription drug abuse epidemic. Nationwide, the prescription drug abuse epidemic has been attributed to lack of prescription monitoring programs and medical personnel oversight. In…
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Kansas Supreme Court Rules DUI Tests Unconstitutional

U.S. Supreme Court will consider similar cases, but will the Kansas decision affect Florida? Isn’t a person who is suspected of drunk driving entitled to the same rights related to police searches as anyone else? In many states, the answer is NO. Ordinarily, the police need a warrant in order to conduct a search, but…
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Consequences of a Second Refusal to Submit to Testing after a Florida DUI Arrest

Florida’s implied consent statute creates a legal fiction that anyone who obtains a Florida driver’s license or drives on the roads of this state will “consents” to a lawfully requested blood, breath, or urine test when an officer has probable cause of DUI. Despite this legal fiction, when a person is actually arrested for DUI,…
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Phil Mickelson Reportedly Tied to Money Laundering And Illegal Gambling, Per ESPN Reports is reporting that nearly $3 million transferred from golfer Phil Mickelson to an intermediary was part of “an illegal gambling operation which accepted and placed bets on sporting events,” according to two sources and court documents obtained by Outside the Lines. Mickelson, a five-time major winner and one of the PGA Tour’s wealthiest and…
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Baseball’s Latest Drama Likely To Resolve With Indictments, Not Suspensions

Make no mistake about it. This will go down as the biggest scandal to hit professional sports since the Black Sox Scandal and the throwing of the 1919 World Series. Major League Baseball is not going to summon a Ted Wells-like figure to come out with a blue-ribbon fact finding report and issue suspensions and…
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Will U.S. Supreme Court Deliver Another Landmark Decision on Racial Discrimination?

During the jury selection process, a judge may dismiss a prospective juror “for cause” if he or she believes that juror will be unable to decide the case impartially. However, both the prosecutors and the defense attorneys are also given a limited number of “peremptory challenges,” which are the right to strike certain prospective jurors…
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Florida Supreme Court overturns lengthy sentences for juvenile offenders

In four separate rulings, the Florida Supreme Court handed down decisions last week that set new limits on the sentences a juvenile can face for a serious offense. The Court ruled that a sentence so long that it “ensure(s) these offenders will be imprisoned without obtaining a meaningful opportunity to obtain future early release during…
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Florida Legislators Focus on Texting, Cell Phone Use While Driving for Upcoming Session

At least three bills have been prefiled for the upcoming session of the Florida Legislature that pertain to the use of mobile devices while operating a motor vehicle, indicating that the Legislature, or at least some factions, are interested in making the penalties for offenses surrounding distracted driving more severe. Current law prohibits using any…
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Medical Marijuana Proponents to Give It Another Shot

Last month’s defeat of an initiative to allow medical marijuana was a devastating blow to efforts for more sensible policy on drugs in Florida. Amendment 2 came just over 140,000 votes short of hitting the necessary 60 percent, out of more than 5 million votes cast. The loss was the only one in the nation…
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In an society of social networking, media events, marketing opportunities, social media events and events which are purposely structured to occur at night and occur with cocktails and food, it is natural and obvious that professionals and the like will attend these events, have something to drink and ultimately possibly operate a motor vehicle. It…
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